Tigran Pashabezyan: «Armenia’s tasks yesterday and today: defense of the country and protection of rights»

in Armenian — https://miaban.ru/info/armenia/wa-19-5-2021-hy/ in Russian — https://miaban.ru/info/armenia/wa-19-5-2021/ On the air of the «Discussion» program on the TV channel of the «Noyan Tapan» media holding on May 18, 2021, the hero of the Artsakh liberation war, the chairman of the military-patriotic organization «Armenian National Army» (ANA), the commander of the volunteer squad Aram Torgomyan (Aramo) highlighted those issues, which directly relate to overcoming the threats and challenges facing the Armenian people since February 1988, namely, the solution of issues of national protection and protection of rights.

CSI helps Armenian families in need (Feb 2021)

in Russian — https://miaban.ru/info/artsakh/csi-6-2-2021/ Source: https://csi-usa.org/csi-helps-armenian-families-in-need/ (Feb 6, 2021) Many Armenian Christian families in Nagorno-Karabakh have been left homeless and dependent on aid after Azerbaijan captured their towns and villages in the war at the end of last year. Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is partnering with a church in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, to provide vital assistance.


Récemment, alors qu’il était à Chouchi, I. Aliev, le président de l’Azerbaïdjan et surtout le principal faussaire du pays, se mettant devant l’une des mosquées locales, s’est une fois vanté publiquement au monde que les Arméniens avaient détruit 64 des 67 mosquées du Haut-Karabakh. (Sur ses instructions de fausses rumeurs avaient déjà été répandues dans le passé selon lesquelles les Arméniens auraient détruit les monuments culturels azerbaïdjanais).La nouvelle, qui n’a absolument rien à voir avec la réalité, est également apparue dans d’autres publications qui encouragent la fausse propagande des Azerbaïdjanais. Au vu de ce qui précède, nous devons répondre à […]

«We had only managed to deceive ourselves»

in Russian — https://miaban.ru/info/armenia/london-11-1-2021/ On January 11, 2021, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian published an article «Towards the «Fourth Republic»» on his official website. Reading the articles of all the leaders of Armenia (for 30 years there were 4 presidents, 13 chairmen of parliament, 16 prime ministers — from the first prime minister Vazgen Manukyan to the current one), listening to fiery speeches, it is difficult to notice mistakes, almost always everything sounds very logical and true.

Coordinating Council of Russian-Armenian organizations appealed to V. Putin

in Russian — https://miaban.ru/themes/rus-arm/cc-10-1-2021/ The Coordinating Council of Russian-Armenian organizations (CC RAO), which has been functioning since 2013, has addressed the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin with a letter in connection with the meeting of the leaders of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia scheduled for January 11, 2021 in Moscow. Concerned about the consequences for the Armenian side of the treacherous armed aggression against the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) of the united Azerbaijani-Turkish forces, CC RAO also points to the ongoing expansion and approach of the dangerous policy of radical pan-Turkism and […]

Grigory Ayvazyan. Udis, the Albanian church and the Artsakh issue

in Russian — https://miaban.ru/info/armenia/udiny-6-11-2020/ Grigori Ayvazyan Researcher of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Dr. Ph. in History (Caucasian Studie) UDIS. BRIEF REFERENCE Tramslation from Russian by Miaban.ru. Udis – Udi people, self-name is «udi».

The word Meghri in the document signed on Nov 9, 2020 means the Turan project

Below is a quote from Ashot Manucharyan from 27:30 on the video. Non official translation by Miaban.ru. What activities were taken and by whom over those people who prepared and substantiated the document (signed on Nov 9, 2020 by three leaders) with the word Meghri in it, that was suggested to the Administration of the president of Russia. The word Meghri in this context means the Turan project. This means a mortal danger to both the Armenian and Russian people. This means a deadly threat to the whole world. Today it is becoming a reality So how did this word […]

European Parliament’s Resolution in 1988 for or reunification of Karabakh with Armenia

in Russian — https://miaban.ru/info/armenia/ep-12-9-1988/ On September 12, 1988 the European Parliament accepted a Resolution on the situation in Soviet Armenia and nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijan’s crimes in Artsakh

19 civilians killed, 80 wounded, over 2700 property and infrastructure damaged in Artsakh from Azerbaijani war crimes Within the framework of the fact-finding mission, launched by the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Artsakh, a thorough research and analysis of the cases of criminal encroachments, committed by the Azerbaijani armed forces against the civilian population of Artsakh, for the 27.09.2020-04.10.2020 time period, have been conducted. The results are presented below:As of October 4, a total of 19 civilians have been killed — A little girl, 7 women and 11 men. The child, five women and 4 […]

Video of the speech of Archbishop Pargev during the inauguration of Republic of Artsakh president on May 21, 2020

in Russian — http://miaban.ru/info/artsakh/pargev_21-5-2020/ On May 21, 2020, the inauguration of Republic of Artsakh president Araik Harutyunyan was held in Shushi. In his speech, Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan, in particular, said (in the video from 2:20, translation by «Miaban»): “There is a golden law. If a people is mired in sin, and the ruler or king kneels, repents to God and prays, then God will certainly hear it. But if the first person, the ruler is istaken, even if the whole nation kneel, is not obvious whether God will forgive or not… «

About Azerbaijan’s planned destabilization against Armenia and Russia

in Russian — http://miaban.ru/info/armenia/antiterror_20-5-2020/ Translation by «Miaban». Statement of the Coordinating Council of Russian-Armenian Organizations May 20, 2020 Today, May 20, 2020 the Azerbaijani media disseminated an appeal allegedly made by “the leaders of Azerbaijani public organizations of the Russian Federation and representatives of the large Azerbaijani community of the country to the leadership of the Russian Federation, the government and parliament of the country, government agencies, relevant ministries and departments, as well as to the representations of international organizations in Russia” regarding the upcoming jn May 21 inauguration of the newly elected President of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic).

Another crime of hirelings of Azerbaijan’s authorities in Russia and in the world

(in Russian / на русском — здесь) (a translation in English is on its way and soon will be finished) Interview of the editor of the «Miaban» web site Vahan Babakhanyan with a public figure, director of the Christian Churches Support Fund “International Christian Solidarity Fund” Dmitry Pakhomov (Moscow, not to be confused with the Christian liberal Democratic Movement “Solidarity”). This Fund carries out a very important public mission. Many events can be found on their Facebook page. In late February, Dmitry Pakhomov gave an interview on the topic of the Moscow Treaty, it is reflected on the «Miaban» web […]

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has been recognized more than once by Azerbaijan itself, Russia and the OSCE

in Russian — https://miaban.ru/info/artsakh/artsakh-legal/ Below are some documents signed by the officials of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR), Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan … These are clear and irrefutable evidences of the de facto and legal recognition of the NKR (Republic of Artsakh) by Russia and Azerbaijan. Sources: web sites http://karabakhfacts.com, V. Kazimirov, Antitopor.

On demarcation of the border between the State of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan

Below mentioned Statement is a short version of the statement in English applied on behalf of Republic of Western Armenia to the United Nations on August 7, 2019. The original is the full version in Armenian.
Dear friends of Armenia, we ask to publish this material on available information resources and the media.
The document is in Armenian, Russian, English and French languages.

Event in memory of the heroes of the April war in 2016 in St. Petersburg (April 2, 2018)

(in Russian — https://miaban.ru/info/artsakh/2-4-2018/) On April 2, 2018, two years have passed since the treacherous and criminal attack of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces with the participation of Turkish units on the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Republic), on peaceful settlements. This aggression was accompanied by traditional for Azerbaijan war crimes, which was reflected in the Report of the Ombudsman (Human Rights Commissioner) of the Republic of Artsakh.