Announcement of the International scientific-practical conference in Yerevan

(in Russian — in Armenian — «Baku, 1918. Continuation of the policy of the Armenian Genocide in Azerbaijan …» (To the 100th anniversary of the memory of the victims of the Armenian massacres in September 1918 in Baku)

Struggle for Truth against genocidal Azerbaijan

In Russian — 1. Azerbaijan was created by Turkey as a second Turkish state. Azerbaijanis are Transcaucasian Turks. This is one people. The name «Azerbaijanis» was invented in the 1920s and officially approved in ex-USSR in 1936.

Statement of Armenian Comradeship regarding the military diversion by Azerbaijan against Armenia on December 29, 2016

(Russian version —   On December 29 Azerbaijan committed another major war crime against the Republic of Armenia: Azerbaijan’s armed forces killed three Armenian servicemen on Armenian territory during their diversionary incursion. Confronted by a decisive rebuff, Azerbaijanis were forced to drive back with a loss. All this took place just three days after the summit of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in St. Petersburg, two weeks after the International Day against genocide and on the eve of the New Year. Since the South Caucasus region is heavily dependent on Russian policy, a significant part of the responsibility for […]