Appeal of the Coordinating Council of Russian-Armenian organizations

in Russian — The Coordinating Council of Russian-Armenian Organizations (CC RAO), being concerned about the next wave of Azerbaijan’s aggressiveness together with Turkey in September 2020 and the media coverage of the topic of group attacks by Azerbaijani extremists on Armenians in different cities of Russia in July, issued the following Appeal. Some other public Statements of CC RAO is here.

Appeal from F. Aboszoda to the world community on April 20, 2019

in Russian — This Appeal was written by F. Aboszoda on April 20, 2019, when he was in the Detention facility of the State Security Service of Baku. Later he was sent to serve his sentence in the Gobustan prison. The text is published by the Coordinating Council of Russian-Armenian Organizations in Russian and translated into English. When reprinting in whole or in part, reference to the source is required. Information about the Case of Aboszoda — here.

Brief information on the continuing crimes of Azerbaijan against human rights defender F. Aboszoda

(in Russian — here) Fahraddin Aboszoda (F. Abbasov oglu) — is an outstanding humanist, scientist, philosopher, public figure, fighter for the legitimate rights of Talysh people — the indigenous, autochthonous people in the South Caucasus. F. Aboszoda has consistently opposed the racist policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan for years, which does not recognize the Talysh’s national identity in violation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples from 2007 (in that number Article 3: «Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural […]

Amnesty International’s Submission on the case of F. Aboszoda

Source — web site of Amnesty International AI Eurasia Cogroup in Facebook — here About this document in Facebook — here Amnesty International’s Submission to the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers