Grigory Ayvazyan. Udis, the Albanian church and the Artsakh issue

in Russian — Grigori Ayvazyan Researcher of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Dr. Ph. in History (Caucasian Studie) UDIS. BRIEF REFERENCE Tramslation from Russian by Udis – Udi people, self-name is «udi».

European Parliament’s Resolution in 1988 for or reunification of Karabakh with Armenia

in Russian — On September 12, 1988 the European Parliament accepted a Resolution on the situation in Soviet Armenia and nagorno-Karabakh.

Another crime of hirelings of Azerbaijan’s authorities in Russia and in the world

(in Russian / на русском — здесь) (a translation in English is on its way and soon will be finished) Interview of the editor of the «Miaban» web site Vahan Babakhanyan with a public figure, director of the Christian Churches Support Fund “International Christian Solidarity Fund” Dmitry Pakhomov (Moscow, not to be confused with the Christian liberal Democratic Movement “Solidarity”). This Fund carries out a very important public mission. Many events can be found on their Facebook page. In late February, Dmitry Pakhomov gave an interview on the topic of the Moscow Treaty, it is reflected on the «Miaban» web […]