«We had only managed to deceive ourselves»

in Russian — https://miaban.ru/info/armenia/london-11-1-2021/ On January 11, 2021, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian published an article «Towards the «Fourth Republic»» on his official website. Reading the articles of all the leaders of Armenia (for 30 years there were 4 presidents, 13 chairmen of parliament, 16 prime ministers — from the first prime minister Vazgen Manukyan to the current one), listening to fiery speeches, it is difficult to notice mistakes, almost always everything sounds very logical and true.

On the anniversary of the signing of the peace Treaty of Sevres

(версия на русском — https://miaban.ru/info/armenia/sevres_10-8-2018/ in Armenian — https://miaban.ru/info/armenia/sevres_10-8-2018_arm) Dear friends, August 10 is the day of signing the Treaty of Sevres.