Population of Armenians in different countries

(in Russian — here) The population of Armenians in different countries. Numbers are from Wikipedia and roughly estimated, however the whole picture is visible. «K» stands for thousands, in other words the numbers below are in thousands and include only those countries where population of Armenians is more than 1000.

Public Council under the abolished Ministry of Diaspora

(in Russian — here) List of the members of Public council under the former Ministry of Diaspora of Armenia from 2016 to 2018. The original in Armenian is here. Below is a list in English, and there may be inaccuracies in the translation of the names and organizations. Numbering saved. The list is divided into several groups by categories:

Theses of speech by Vahan Babakhanyan at the meeting with Zareh Sinanyan on July 19, 2019

(На русском — https://miaban.ru/info/russia/ks-rao_19-7-2019/ in Facebook — here) Members of the Coordination Council of the Russian-Armenian organizations on July 19, 2019 attended the meeting with chief commissioner for Diaspora affairs Mr. Zareh Sinanyan at the Armenian Embassy in Russia. Each of the participants of the meeting shared with his views. Below are theses of Vahan Babakhanyan’s speech. Photos are from the page of the Armenian Embassy in Facebook.